Australia's Biggest Pub Crawl

If you are anything like me, you love a good pub visit. For a cold beer or a meal, there is nothing better than a good ole' Australian pub! In fact, after reading this, I am sure you will be making a stop in to your local! I know I will be! It actually took me a couple of days to write this as I stopped day 1 and went to the pub for lunch =) haha

So let's check out some of Australia's best pubs! 


Nindigully Pub

Queensland's oldest pub is located on the banks of the Moonie River (where you can camp with Toilet and shower facilities available). The pub was licensed back in 1864 after operating as shearer's accommodation for the Nindigully station. Now the town holds of population of 9 people! 

But that does not stop this iconic venue from drawing the crowds. Every year the pub hosts the Nindigully Pig Races which is sure to be a great weekend! 

It's the home the famous 'Road Train' burger, which feeds a minimum of four people and ranges from 5 to 25kgs! 

A must see on your list of pubs to visit. 

Nindigully Pub

Nindigully Pub website here

Birdsville Hotel

A destination in its own right, the pub has endured floods, fires and even cyclones and is the symbol of the spirit and character of the outback! The award-winning pub is a must see at any time but during the Birdsville Races and the Big Red Bash is a hot spot! 

Luckily for you, the hotel has just been refurbished, so you can stay a night in the 28-room accommodation! 

Birdsville Pub

This town has thought of everything, you can park your car out the front or your plane on the airstrip opposite! Leaving you to totally immerse yourself in all that Birdsville has to offer including the hotel ambience and stories told by the locals! 

Enjoy everything that Birdsville Hotel has to offer. Learn more here

Walkabout Creek Hotel

Made famous by Crocodile Dundee, the local McKinlay waterhole was Mick Dundee's hang out. Apparently, the movie set was constructed, so the locals wouldn’t be put out. And it still stands out back of the original pub, where you can wander and take a look around! 

Walkabout Creek Hotel

The pub offers:

  • Beer 
  • a 'Dundee Burger' 
  • Camping 
  • Car and truck from the movie 
  • Get a photo with 'THE KNIFE' 
  • The original bar from the movie out the back in the shed! 

While you are there, take photos but they do ask for you to make a donation to the Royal Flying Doctors in return! 

Located 240km NW of Winton and 107 SE of Cloncurry. 

Pull in and have stop at the Walkabout Creek Hotel


Lions Den Hotel

No internet, no phone, no wifi! But they do have beer, food and accommodation, which is readily available! This iconic hotel was built in 1875 by Jack Ross and his wife Annie.

Lions Den Hotel

28km south of Cooktown, the hotel is accessible all year around in any vehicle via the inland road! For much of the year, 4WD vehicle can venture up the coast road through the Daintree. But you will need to check conditions as there are a few river crossings and steep hills that even the most experienced drivers can have trouble with and nearly impassable during wet season. 

The Lion Den offers camping, cabins and hotel accommodation.

With a great looking menu and occasional live music. If you are up north, a must see pub!

More info here: Lion Den Hotel!

Wellshot Hotel

After being relocated several times. The 'Wellshot Hotel' found its permanent home in downtown Ilfracombe in 1890.

Owned by Tracey and Paul who purchased the pub in 2016, they have created an atmosphere referred to as the "crab pot" - once you're in you can't get out! 

WellShot pub

The pub is on the main stretch when driving through Ilfracombe and offers accommodation, lunch, dinner and has it's own coffee hatch! Oh and the beer, don't forget the beer! 

With so much rich history and a fun environment, check out the Wellshot Hotel.




Tilpa Hotel

Considered to be one of the last bush pubs, from a river boat along the Darling River to one of the hottest must-see pubs in Australia! 

Full of character, accommodation and in the middle of nowhere. Mixed reviews on Trip Advisor but a Working Bull follower said it is a must see! 

Just a short drive from Kallara Station if you are looking to make a little adventure out of it. 

More about Tilpa Hotel here

Tilpa Pub

Silverton Pub

The Silverton pub must be one of Australia's most filmed outback pub; Razorback, Wake in Fright, The Slim Dusty Movie, Mission Impossible II and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert! 

Accommodation, meals and of course drinks available! 

Silverton offers a Silver Mine, Mad Max Museum and Camels (who doesn't love a good camel ride)

Website here

Loaded Dog

Located in downtown Tarago, NSW and established in 1848, The Loaded Dog Hotel prides itself on its drinks, live music and great food! You cannot tell me that isn't enough reason to check out this fine establishment =) 

Loaded Dog

Australian and international artist have performed at the venue including; Amber Lawrence, Luke O'Shea, Felicity, Rob Wilson, Steave Eales, Nicki Gillis, Sweeney & Kileen, Travis Collins, Darren Coggan, Mississippi Shakedown, Victoria Baillie, Camille & Stuie French, Misten, Wayne Ryder, Col Finley, Dale Juner and Roo Arcus to name a few.

Keep an eye out on their website, due to 2020, this pub is waiting for the chance to get back up and running with their live music! 

More info here 



Bull and Mouth Hotel

Cold beer, good food, i'm happy! With a tagline like that, it's a bit hard not to want to check this pub out! Live entertainment, hearty meals and a vibrant pub atmosphere! 

Bull and Mouth Hotel website


Tooborac Hotel and Brewery

Tooborac Hotel and Brewery

Pies, double-decker chicken parmas and pizzas are on the menu, coupled with on-site brewed beers, ales and malt! 

"Love this place! Best Parma in the area.  Awesome, friendly staff.  Love the beer, and the cider is super yummy!  We drive a distance to get here but it's worth the effort.  Make sure you check it out!"

— Kellie

More about Toororac here


The Pub In The Paddock

One of Tasmania’s oldest pubs, you’ll discover rich local history on every wall of the pub, friendly locals who like to share a story or two and owners who make you feel welcome as soon as you walk through the door… & let’s not forget Priscilla the Beer Drinking Pig who continues to draw a huge crowd every weekend!


Beer, Food, Accommodation and beer drinking pig! Let’s face it, we have all drunk for a lot less on offer.

The Pub In The Paddock


The Pub In The Paddock website -


Weldborough Hotel

Personally, I would describe the location of this pub ‘in the top right hand corner’ of Tasmania is the Weldborough hotel. Hopefully that doesn’t offend, but I think you can visual where it is!

Surrounded by national parks, this pub offers free camping or double rooms to rent for the night! The pub only sells Tasmania beers, ginger beers, ciders, wines and spirits. The more local the better they reckon – the same goes for their food. So, if you are looking for something a little immersive – check this bad boy out!


I actually looked and looked and there were no standout country must see pubs. What the go ACT? If you know of any, let me know! I will happily add it in.


Middleton Pub

Middleton Pub

The Middleton Tavern has been owned and operated by the Mack family for 23 years. And just quietly, this is a super social pub - Friday night raffles (meat trays wine, beer and chocolates), Monday night poker, Tuesday night darts and Wednesday 8 ball! 

Middleton Tav details here

Prairie Hotel, Parachilna

Handing out on the Flinders Ranges is the Prairie Hotel! South Australia's iconic pub owned and operated by fourth generation pastoralist and cattlemen Ross Fargher and his wife Jane! The current hotel replaced the original structure in 1905 and offers some amazing experiences! 

More on the Prairie Hotel

The Pink Roadhouse, Oodnadatta

Definitely a standout pub, no literally, it is - it's pink! Before heading across the Simpson Deserts, The Pink Roadhouse sits loud and proud waiting for you to stop in. Offering hot food, cold beers, showers, petrol, postage - you name it!

The Pink Roadhouse

A must stop in if you are in the area, they are also available on UHF Channel 7 duplex (repeater)! Handy if you need some assistance. 

Head over and have a look at their website here

William Creek Hotel

Finalist in the 2018 South Australian Tourism Awards is the William Creek Hotel! 

Enjoy this quirky Outback town with hotel rooms, self-contained accommodation, camping ground, restaurant, pub and fuel facilities… and a visit to William Creek is not complete without a spectacular scenic flight over the expansive Lake Eyre and the colourful Anna Creek Painted Hills. William Creek is surrounded by Anna Creek Station, the largest cattle station in the world, and is the gateway to the vast Simpson Desert.  

More about William Creek hotel here


Doodlakine Tavern 

After some exploring for information on this pub, recommended by fellow a Working Bull family member! It must be a local gem, you need to be in the area to be privvy to their happenings! Apparently, Jimmy Barnes has played a few times.

The locals call it the Doodlie. Love that =)

Every year, they hold a music festival where hundreds of people camp and enjoy the fesitivities. So if you know more about this one, let us know!!!! 

Ironclad Hotel, Pilbara

Straight from their Facey details: "Australia's premier outback venue. Ringers, jillaroos, locals, desert people, roo shooters, prospectors and camel rooters all frequent the bar and drink at the Iron Clad Hotel. This is where desert meets legend."

Ironclad Hotel

They are not very active on Facebook and with no website, maybe give 'em a call before travelling to WA just to visit this pub! 



Top Springs Hotel

Stop in for a cold beer, enjoy a meal and have a yarn with a local... This remote Aussie pub, that is right dead smack in the middle of nowhere is a tourist attraction in itself! Located at the junction of the Buntine and Buchanan Highways, 291 kilometres south of Katherine, Top Springs Hotel is surrounded by many huge cattle stations.

It is also home to “Coolibah Station” where the reality series “Keeping up with the Joneses” was filmed (loved that show - how good was it). Victoria River District offers a wide variety of opportunities for adventure, culture, history, and nature.

More info here

Top Springs Hotel

The Daly Waters Pub

Built in the 1920s, this pub has a history including murders, shoot outs and cattle stampedes! But today, you just leave your bra or other personal belongings behind as a little memento of your visit! haahaha ok there is more to this pub, but isn't that enough to get you there? 

A great pub to forget the hustles and pressures of everyday life and kick back and enjoy a cold beverage, some great food and a be ready for a good laugh! The Daly Waters Pub offers Cabins, motel rooms, caravan and camping options!

So next time you are driving around the Northern Terriroty, make sure you drop in. 

Humpty Doo Hotel

With a list of awesomeness behind it, this must go on your 'to visit' pub list! Don't have one, you need to start it - now! 

  • The World’s biggest set of water Buffalo Horns above the bar,
  • Brahman Bulls winning Beer Drinking Competitions,
  • Horses in the Front Bar
  • and plenty of Territory Characters have helped Humpty Doo become the most famous Town in the World. 
Humpty Doo Hotel

    Not sure they have camping/caravan accommodation, they do however have cabins and motel rooms. With Kakadu National Park and plenty of other attractions near by, this might be your pub lunch destination one day! 

    Check these guys out!

    Barkly Homestead

    Last but not at all least and one of my personal favourites!! The Barkly Homestead, a remote roadhouse located on the Barkly Highway halfway between Camooweal (QLD) and Tennant Creek (NT). 

    A local pub for farmers, miners, trucker drivers and local pilots. The Roadhouse offers fuel, small goods, gifts and merchandise! But it also offers accommodation, meals, live music and beer! 

    When travelling anywhere in the area, I personally recommend staying a night here! 

    Barkly Homestead Website

    Barkly Homestead



    If you have any other recommendations or want to add, let us know. 

    Comment below!