'Camper' Jersey - Adult
'Camper' Jersey - Adult
'Camper' Jersey - Adult
'Camper' Jersey - Adult
'Camper' Jersey - Adult
'Camper' Jersey - Adult

'Camper' Jersey - Adult

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"Looks great, light and comfortable!" 

- Steve F. Working Bull Customer


Working Bull Camper Jersey is a lightweight, breathable 'fishing' shirt with a camping design. It is for those who love to site by the fire, with a drink and catch up with mates! 


Working Bull - Camper Jersey
Enjoy the Freedom

Looking forward to a weekend of down time with family and friends?  Let the good times flow with our latest jersey. The 'Camper' Jersey celebrates the freedom of your country lifestyle! 

You're Covered

Working Bull - Camper Jersey

UPF30+ rated and breathable to allow for air movement. The Working Bull Camper Jersey also features black sports cuffs to minimise sleeve movement and a zip collar for greater convenience when slipping on or off.



  • Amazing camper design
  • Long sleeve 
  • Zip collar
  • Black sporting cuffs
  • UPF30+ rated
  • Breathable material 

Working Bull Camper Jersey 

Sizing Chart: 

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